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Anniversary On The Road

March 8, 2020

Good Morning and hello from the farm,

Today is delivery day for our Mobile, Ocean Springs, and Gulfport customers! So, I am out on the road this morning meeting customers with their orders.

Beth has joined me today as well. One of the objectives we have is to make a short video of how we pack orders, make deliveries, and etc. to show new customers what to expect.

Yep- complete transparency when you shop with our farm for beef, pork, chicken, and eggs.

Today is also a very special day for Beth & me because March 7th thirty-nine (39) years ago we were married. Boy, how time has flown by!


As I write this I'm reflecting back on all the events in our life. The birth of our two boys, Their 1st day of school, HS graduation, college graduation, and military service.

I'm remembering our many friends in the twelve or so places we lived between Mississippi, Alabama, and North Carolina. As well as the seven or so different companies I've worked for.

Never would I have dreamed that one day I would be a farmer! With the privilege of stewarding the land and animals and transferring them into nutritious proteins for families.

There is a lot of truth in the old saying, "A Farmer's Work Is Never Done"! And, that work is often accomplished when it's raining (or sleet/snow/etc.), cold, windy, flooding and or drought periods. As well as special days, holiday's and so forth.

So, this afternoon, after our last customer in Gulfport has been cared for - Beth and I will enjoy a nice supper in one of the Gulf Coast better seafood restaurants and remember how blessed our lives have been.

Thanks for sharing a few minutes of our special day with us.

Sharon M. recently left this ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Google Review:

"We have been purchasing Beef, chicken, eggs and a little pork from Ben for about 3 years now. It is always delicious! Ben strives to have the highest quality in his products. I always feel safe in eating anything that comes from Nature’s Gourmet Farms!"

Ben Simmons

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