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Are You Interested In "MICROGREENS"?

October 28, 2021

Our oldest son Eric is interested in growing Microgreens and would like feedback from Nature's Gourmet Farm customers to get a fell for interest for them.

Here is information from a flyer Eric put together. Packaging will most likely be a clamshell type container.

What are Microgreens?
Microgreens are the highly nutritious seedlings of edible full-sized plants, typically 7-14 days old
Microgreens are NOT sprouts—sprouts are slightly younger and eaten with the root. Microgreens are harvested from the base of the stem.

Why choose Microgreens?

• Nutrient-dense—contains 4-40 times more nutrients than their adult counterparts
• Many varieties high in
o Vitamins C, E, and K
o Cancer-fighting compounds--sulforaphane, beta-carotene, lutein, phenolic compounds and more
o Essential nutrients such as Iron, potassium, zinc, and calcium
• Diverse flavors enhance and complement food—ranging from spicy to nutty to sweet
• Colorful and add appeal to otherwise bland dishes
• Easy to use and goes great in many foods, including:
o Soups
o Salads
o Pizza
o Smoothies
o Tacos and burritos
o Stir fry
o Omelets
o Juicing
o Sandwiches
o Pancakes
o Fajitas
o Even desserts!
• Locally-grown, Natural and Sustainable
• Typically non-GMO and produced without herbicides or pesticides
• Little to no waste—the roots and soil can be composted and reused
• Many are gluten-free!

Microgreens are a superfood!

Eric will be responsible for receiving and filling orders that we may be able to deliver during the regular Nature's Gourmet Farm deliveries.

So, if this is something you would be interested in, please reply with your comments and or questions.

As always, we thank you for rewarding our hard work with your trust and support.

Ben Simmons

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