Around the Farm Updates

December 15, 2018

1) Chicken - We processed our last whole chicken orders for 2018 . Next whole chickens will be April 2019! PLEASE NOTE
we have about 45 packs each of breast, leg quarters, soup bones in stock.

2) Beef - Ribeye's will be restocked by December 22nd just in time for New Years family gatherings.

3) Pork - WE ARE RESTOCKED ON ALL CUTS as of today! Place your orders for pick up at the Farm Location or during our regular delivery.

4) Eggs - We have added JUMBO Eggs to our online store. Eggs inventory is VERY tight right now. We do have 500 new hens on order that will arrive just after Christmas. Thanks for your patience.

Around the Farm Updates! - Can you believe we are at the end of 2018! Where has the time gone?

THANK YOU to many loyal customers (and many new customers) Nature's Gourmet Farm has had a record sales year. The number of folks reading our newsletter has increased as well as the number of customers signed up on our website.

We have a passion for regenerating our soils, growing healthy plants, and raising healthy animals - and a vision to promote the growth of Real Farm Foods in our community of families.

However, nothing is possible without you, the consumer, who has done the research and values the health benefits of our products. Consumers who desire to join the growing community of people who want food that is clean, pure, and safe to eat. Fresh from the farm! The way God intended it to be. You, who shop intentionally for the best food for you and your family. We need you if we are to accomplish our passion and vision for the future.

We are truly blessed to live on the farm. I cannot think of anything I had rather do.

In 2018 we continued to invest profits back into the farm. Major projects include: added a 12x12 Freezer, installed a clean processing room, sold hay equipment (will purchase hay needs), expanded water systems, and completed HACCP Training for chicken, installed feed bins to distribute feed to other farms who would like to farm regenerative with NON-GMO feeds, and we are in the process of installing a fence (about 5400") along the branch that runs through our property to keep the cows out so they don't erode the landscape.

In 2019 our plans include building a new "mobile" chick brooder as well as several new Chicken Tractors. Additionally, we plan to expand the processing room and add a shackle system to help improve processing efficiency. We will continue our efforts to change MS Department of Ag regulations that prevent us from processing more than 1000 chickens per year - this is an "up-hill" battle against two big opponents - MS Farm Bureau and MS Poultry Lobby.

CHRISTMAS SALE - many folks like to buy our 10# Ground Beef and give as gifts at Christmas. To help out we are offering our 10# Ground Beef at $60 - this is a savings of $8 or 12%. Sale ends December 22nd.

Customer Feedback- "Your beef is always flavorful and the sausage was amazing the last order I got! Looking forward to doing business for many years to come with Nature's Gourmet Farm!" ~ J. Henderson

Quote Worth Re-Quoting – “Government is not writing the rules. Business, trade organizations, and lobbyist are writing the rules and they are not written with us in mind" ~Jeffrey Hollender, Co-founder of Seventh Generation

Thank you for supporting our regenerative, local farm.
Ben & Beth


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