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Could Have Been Devastating!

written by

Ben Simmons

posted on

August 26, 2023

Good Morning and hello from your farmer,

First, let me give a BIG Shout Out to our Madison pickup location. Our Madison customers set a new record for the number of orders this month at 34 families served and also led the month with the most orders per pickup location. Many thanks to ALL customers for your faithful business & support of our farm.

So, what could have been devastating?

Saturday, as we rounded the last curve before arriving back at the farm I looked back to the North and saw smoke! Yes, like something was on fire.

By the time we pulled into the driveway we could see across the pasture north of us and know the neighbor's property was on fire. I quickly called 911 and was relieved to know someone had already called the MS Forestry Service. I then called neighbors to make sure they were aware of the fire.

Here is a picture I took from my front yard. The tree line near the smoke is my property line. The fire is just beyond there.


Wind was coming out of the North and was blowing ash on me when I took this picture.

As with most people we are very dry here and my pastures are full of dry, crunchy grass that would fuel a devastating fire. And, with the wind coming from the North the fire would take out our farm, animals, buildings, etc. I was a bit worried to say the least....

Thankfully, the MS Forestry Service arrived promptly and did an excellent job containing the fire and fully extinguishing it before it could spread to adjoining landowners. What a blessing.

Not sure if the current temperature and drought is a record or not. I do remember June 2009 that we had 30 days without a drop of rain and near 100 degree days. Currently we have hardwood trees dying from lack of moisture - typically they can survive on morning dew, but we are not having that regularly. The trees mostly affected are older ones that may have a decay spot and hickory trees.


There are three young hickory trees in this picture and all of their leaves have turned brown.

Please join me in prayer for rain and cooler temperatures.

Our team spent this week processing beef. Twenty-six hundred seventy seven packs (2,677) weighing 3,418 pounds of beef were added August 25th. Today, Beth and I will package bacon, hocks, smoked hams, and about 325 pounds of sausage. A very busy & productive week.

** Product Availability Update **

NOTE: Restocks are made about 6 PM on the dates indicated below!

- Restocked August 16th. Next restock August 30th. Processing will continue for twice per month for the balance of the year

Turkey - We have a few on pasture now and received a batch of 25 poults July 29th. The hot & dry weather has really affected them this week. Over half died and others are not thriving.

Eggs - Restock each Wednesday

Beef - Restocked August 25th. This includes ground beef, filet and boneless ribeyes from 4 cows processed by Homestead Packing. Next restock will be September 22nd

Pork - Restocked fresh cuts August 16th and will restock cured cuts about August 26th

Lamb - Restocked July 24th. We expect to have a few lamb in September and about 12 in November

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