*RESTOCK UPDATE* Beef (all cuts) May 21. Pork- late June. Chicken June 3, 17, 24th.

Depot Kitchen Head Chef Visits NGF

March 23, 2019

Product Update –
1) Chicken- The FIRST batch arrived February 28th and are doing great! We have commitments for 85% of our annual volume. Email me to reserve yours today!

2) Beef - Individual cuts - Inventory has been added to our website for what we expect to pickup on March 29-30. This means we will be back in stock on all beef items before the April delivery date. You can place your orders starting today for farm pickup March 30 or on the delivery route April 6th.

Custom Half Beef - I have added four halves for the April 8th processing (sold out - look for more to be added in April for May processing), If you are interested in a half beef please follow this link to learn more and place your deposit to reserve your order

3) Pork- Individual cuts - pigs were delivered for processing on March 18th. This means we will be back in stock on all pork items mid to late April. Additionally, we will have plenty of pork available starting in July.

4) Eggs- Egg production is running on ALL cylinders! Lay rate is 95-98% which is outstanding. We have added all size options to our website and can easily fill your orders. Thank you

Hey, Ben here - this week we had a special visit from one of our restaurant partners, Mr. Josh Casper who is the Head Chef for the Depot Kitchen in Downtown Hattiesburg located across from the Train Depot. They have been buying our eggs for just over a year now. This was a great opportunity to get to know Josh as well as show him our farm and learn how we can better work together to bring healthy food to people's plates.

After the tour, I was able to record a short interview. Please click the video link to hear directly from Josh to include upcoming menu changes that includes more business for our farm.

Next week, I will be at Homestead Packing in Lucedale when they are cutting & wrapping our beef. My plan is to record a plant tour and interview with Ethan. I am sure you will find it very interesting how folks come together in an artisan style to bring healthy food to your family.

Remember, you can now place you orders for beef that will be available at the farm NLT March 30th and or the monthly delivery on April 3rd. Hope to see you soon and thanks for supporting our farm with your food dollars.

Customer Feedback- "Natures gourmet eggs and ground beef are so delicious! Ben was very friendly and helpful when I met him for the first time at pickup location. I love the convenience of ordering online, love the values this farm’s owners stand for, and the price for Grassfed local beef and pasture raised eggs can’t be beat!!!." - E Jackson

Quote Worth Re-Quoting – “In 1965 4% of our population had a chronic disease. Today, 46% of our children have a chronic disease." ~The Farmer's Footprint

“It takes incredible courage to create positive change in modern agriculture.” ~Allen Williams

Thank you for supporting our regenerative, local farm.
Ben & Beth   

Ben Simmons

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