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Family & Friends FREE Dozen Egg Offer

February 29, 2020

Hello and Good Morning from the farm,

I'm sure you know the best business advertising comes from recommendations by happy customers. You know, customers who have tried the product and brag about the quality, service, convenience, and etc.

After all, don't we tend to trust recommendations from others, especially from family or friends who highly recommend a product?

Here at the farm, we appreciate the many customers who let us know how happy they are to have found our farm and how much they enjoy our products. As well as the more than 60+ 5-Star Google Reviews.

And we want to take advantage of this and make it easy for you to introduce our farm to your family and friends.

So, we are making you this OFFER:

1) Order our Family & Friends EGG Promotion from our online store. There is no limit!
2) Deliver 1-Dozen per Family or Friend that you would like to share our farm with.
3) Share a short personal introduction.
4) At a later date casually ask them for their thoughts about our eggs. This is an opportunity to give them a little nudge if needed.

Best of all- the Family & Friend eggs are FREE!!!

This offer will continue until March 21st delivery date or as supplies last.

Speaking of testimonials, following last weeks newsletter i received higher than usual email feedback (all positive). Two customers gave me permission to share their feedback as follows:

From Rob & Shelley
- YES! Great lesson.

And may we add: striking off on this journey to eat better for health can't be hit and miss. It is a commitment.

When we decided to eat "clean meat" we realized it had to be a commitment for the long-term. Yes, we have had to refocus our family budget to accommodate. No argument about it. We view this as an investment in our health that will pay dividends for years to come.

So, none of the "sacrifices" we have made to make room in our budget for eating better will ever be missed when we are older, grayer, and healthier.

Love what you folks do and so proud to support it!

From Michelle
- Great job!

Gotta love the lessons we can learn from fables!

Approximately 5 years ago, Dr. Rebecca Boyd discovered a goiter and referred me to an endocrinologist. He recommended surgery to remove the thyroid, thereby sentencing me to a lifetime of synthetic medication.

Thank the Lord for Kirby Thompson! By the grace of God, using the same tactics as our friend the tortoise, eating healthier food (NGF products ), and adhering to recommendations from Viome for gut health, I am proud to announce I still have my thyroid and am taking no oral Rx medication!

I want to thank these two families for sharing their testimonies. You never know, there could be someone that reads this who could benefit from their experiences.

Nina L. recently left this ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Google Review:

"We made a beef broth that was delicious. Yesterday Kim Allison, with That Organic Chef roasted one of the chickens. It was excellent. We will continue to buy our meat from you all. Thank you for ethically raising our meat."

Ben Simmons

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