*RESTOCK UPDATE* Beef Sept 26th. Pork- Sept 24 or 25th. Chicken Sept 23rd.

Farm Update & Storm Impact

April 29, 2020

Good Morning and hello from the farm,

First, a quick follow-up on Compostella Farm in Picayune.

Customer response for our farm to aggregate and distribute their "greens" was very positive. I emailed a summary of responses to Madeline. She and her husband discussed and decided not to pursue at this time since their season would end in less than two months and there were many unknowns on how the greens would survive the trip.

Sales are very strong for our farm. Demand continues to exceed supply! Additionally, i receive on average 100 or so communications be it text, voice, or emails per day. Many are asking similar questions 'When will you be back in stock?"

So, this week I have implemented an "ANNOUNCEMENT BAR" at the top of our homepage that I will keep updated on expected availability of beef, pork, and chicken. Please refer here first! That way I can work on farm production chores and etc. If you have a different question then please contact me. Email is preferred.

We have many customers who have supported us from the beginning as well as new customers. We try very hard to treat everyone fairly. To that end, please do not ask us to save back product or add your name to a wait list. The fairest way I know is to use the announcement bar to communicate when we expect to restock and let each customer order as they choose.

Two Sunday's in a row we have had severe weather in South Mississippi!

Easter Sunday was devastating to families in Covington and Jones Counties. Many farms were completely destroyed and lives lost.

This past Sunday evening the storms were much more severe for us. High winds broke trees & limbs and moved our pastured chicken tractors. The 4.25 inches of cold rain drenched our broilers. Fortunately the batch we processed last Wednesday were not affected. However, the next two batches were seriously affected and we lost about half between the two batches.

Chicken is in HIGH demand! We are now receiving 3 batches of 160 chicks per month vs. 2 batches of 140 each. That is an additional 200 chickens per month toward sales. The first two are in our brooders now and the third batch of 160 is due April 30th.

While we are very tired we are encouraged by the many folks who let us know how much they enjoy our products and what a difference it makes for their families. We are thankful God has given us this opportunity to be stewards of the land & animals and to be a blessing to so many families.

Until next week.


Chicken - Next processing is Wednesday, May 6th and again every two weeks.

Eggs- Gathering 1300+ eggs per day! Demand is very strong. Availability is hard to forecast because the inventory moves IN/OUT daily.

Beef- I have delivered 10 beef for processing in April. Picked up 4 on April 17. More due for pickup TODAY and the week of April 27th.

Pork- Sausages and Bacon restock April 25th. Delivered 9 for processing April 13th that should be ready mid May. You will notice a slight increase in price due to an increase in processing cost.

Ben Simmons

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