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Farm Updates & A NEW Item

written by

Ben Simmons

posted on

February 1, 2022

Good Morning and hello from your farmer,

Today, I want to share some updates from our processing plant.

Last week we took the last six pigs (the ones we rescued from NC) to the new processing plant in Leaksville where we had them slaughter only. We then brought the "halves" back to our farm plant for further processing. That's how we spent our time on Tuesday and Wednesday.

One of our customers had emailed me Monday with very kind comments regarding his fresh ham that they had cooked and shared with friends over New Year's. Here is what he said; "We served up a Nature’s Gourmet ham for a group of friends on New Years Day. It was incredible. We got it as part of our “half a hog” order earlier in the year. So delicious! We thawed it and cooked it in the oven with nothing but mustard and brown sugar.

We thought we would have lots of leftovers, but the boys and I cleaned those up in no time!"

Here is a picture he included


So, included in our cutting instructions was some fresh hams for customers to try as well. We kept one out for ourselves and added six (6) to our online store. Find the link here.

We were also thinking ahead to Easter and remembered how folks really liked the smoked hams at Christmas so we have 8 or 10 in the cure that will be smoked and added to our store in a few weeks. Here is a picture that one customer sent - now, don't that look yummy?


I've never been pleased with slicing our bacon on the band saw. It was very difficult (impossible) to control the thickness and was very messy and wasteful. Unfortunately, I was not able to find a better solution until about a month ago. The problem was all the "deli" style slicers I could locate would not cut the size of our bacon.

But, we never gave up hope of finding a solution!

So, I was talking to Scott one day about my situation and he said have you looked at Biro? They make a really big "deli" slicer that will slice larger bacon. Well, no. They never came up on any searches. But, I was able to locate what Scott was talking about and have purchased one for our plant. This weekend, many of our customers will receive bacon sliced with our new "really BIG" slicer.


Here is a pack of bacon sliced on our Biro slicer.


Are you interested in rendering your own Lard? How about beef tallow for frying french fries, etc.? Both are from our pastured beef and pigs and full of the "natural goodness" without any GMO's, chemicals, hormones, etc. Please send me an email with how much you would be interested in.


Many folks have asked about what happened to Eric and his microgreens.

Well, the short answer is Eric decided he did not want to do them any more.

The good news is Matthew, who I've introduced as one of the folks helping Beth & me on the farm has been raising & selling microgreens for over a year. And, he would like to pickup your microgreens business.

Understand, ordering, money, etc. will be between you and Matthew. Beth & I will be glad to include your microgreens order with our regular farm delivery schedule. So, if you are interested then contact Matthew by email at and be sure to let him know which delivery route you pick up at.

Are you a "regular" customer of our farm?

If not, and you are looking for premium ALL NATURALGOODNESS of beef, pork, chicken, and eggs raised on pasture as God intended - without growth hormones and antibiotics - and raised humanely then you have come to the right farm. Our delivery schedule and product availability is listed below along with several "Order" buttons that will take you to our website where you can browse over 90 product choices and place your order from the convenience of your home. It's that simple!

Beth & I really appreciate your business and thank you for rewarding our hard work with your trust and support. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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