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Farm Updates - USDA KIS Test Results

written by

Ben Simmons

posted on

September 10, 2023

Good Morning from your farmer,

As you know, we had a glitch in our email service a few weeks ago that prevented our weekly newsletter from delivering to your inbox. Based on results from last weeks mailing, it appears the issue has been corrected as the open rate was back in the mid-60% range. Just so you know, our newsletter is also posted to our website's Farm Blog each weekend.

Last Saturday Ocean Springs received the rain we need here on the farm. As a farmer, we watch the weather pretty close as it often determines what we are able to do - or not do on a particular day. Saturday morning the weather was calling for a good chance of rain in the Mobile area (our first stops). However, none materialized so Beth & I thought - Great! Maybe we want need our rain gear.

However, as we pulled into the Ace Parking Lot in Ocean Springs a few sprinkles started to fall. By the time we opened the freezer trailer and I handed Beth our first customer (George) his order the bottom had fallen out. By the time our last customer was serviced the parking lot was 3 inches plus in water and the large ditch next to Hwy 90 was full of rain water. Needless to say Beth & I were drenched. Thanks to our OS customers who also battled this storm to pickup their orders.

This week was beef, pork, and lamb harvest time. This time, the USDA Inspector performed a KIS test on our beef to check for residuals of antibiotics, and etc. in their system. KIS stands for Kidney Inhibition Swap. So, basically the inspector takes a sample from the beef kidney and heats the sample. Results from our beef showed NEGATIVE - meaning the beef did not have any antibiotic or other residuals in their system. Of course we already knew that - but it offers more than my word as proof. Here is a picture of the test:


Looking forward into October (will be here before you know it) we have about 1,000 new pullet hens coming the first half of the month. They will be both additional hens as well as replacing some of our older flock.

Be sure to check out updates in our Product Availability section below.

Lastly, I want to share a short article from Joel Salatin titled CATTLE, GRASS, AND BIRDS. Be sure to click on the video like to watch Michael's short, but powerful 3 minute video on a bird watcher's perspective on grasslands and cattle.


My neighbor, Michael Godfrey, is one of the foremost bird authorities in the United States and releases one of these short videos each week, primarily extolling the virtues of grasslands. Americans are brains damaged about grass. We think lawns, soccer fields, and golf courses. But the original grasslands were magnificent, tall, and wildlife-encouraging.

Please watch this short video. It’s one of the most succint, prescient calls for pastured livestock. Michael’s narration is as articulate as any you’ll find. He’s a treasure. Enjoy. If you like it, send it to friends who can’t figure out the connections between cattle, grass, and birds. And give it thumbs up if you like it. Thank you.

Click link to watch!

** Product Availability Update **

NOTE: Restocks are made about 6 PM on the dates indicated below!

- Next restock is September 13th. Will include those held over to grow (are now a very nice cut up size) plus the larger from regularly scheduled batch. Processing will continue for twice per month for the balance of the year

Turkey - We have a few on pasture now and received a batch of 25 poults July 29th. The hot & dry weather has really affected them as over 75% died and others are not thriving. We have a new batch of 40 that arrived this week.

Eggs - Restock each Wednesday. We have a sale on Medium eggs in flats - save 25%. Now $10 per flat.

Beef - Next restock will be September 22nd. IF you are interested in a half beef I added inventory Sept 6th for October processing. Three of four shares have already been sold

Pork - Next restock for fresh pork is Sept. 13th. Cured items like bacon, ham, hocks will follow 7-10 days later

Lamb - Next restock is September 13th. Scheduled to process about 12 lamb in November just in time for Christmas

Ronald B. left this ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Google Review:

"Being on the carnivore diet, I was looking for a place nearby that sells local, grass-fed and grass-finished, organically raised beef. I had given up hope on my search and started to believe that this just wasn't going to be a possibility in my area until one day I stumbled across Nature's Gourmet Farms' website. They have everything I could have asked for: liver, tallow, raw fat, marrow bones, and of course nearly every cut of steak you could ask for, all at a very competitive price with supermarkets. Not to mention their pork and chicken selections. All pasture raised with no growth hormones, GMOs, or other modern farming woes. Delivery was exactly as stated and the product itself tastes phenomenal. I will be a regular customer."

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