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Food Freedom

June 2, 2020

Inspiration for this article came from reading a recent Facebook Post by Ag. Commissioner Gipson about his families Jersey milk cow. You can read the post here.

Actually, the inspiration came from reading the more than 100 public comments to his article from Mississippian's who want to make their own choice who they buy their food from.

When i was growing up my Simmons Grandparents milked 6-8 Jersey girls twice daily. What milk they did not use for themselves was sold to local families straight from the farm. This included sweet milk, buttermilk, and butter wrapped in wax paper. Sales were made without internet sites. In fact, my Grandparents never had a telephone - because when the phone company came to install the line they said they would have to cut down the big Stewart pecan tree. That ended the telephone discussion.

My Grandaddy Simmons only drank fresh Jersey cow milk. His supper was left over homemade biscuits or cornbread broken up into his glass and then filled with fresh buttermilk. He lived past 95 years old! Nutrition found in fresh milk (and other real farm food) builds your immune system that then protects you from all kinds of sickness - including viruses!

Did you know that Oktibbeha County once had over 800 small family dairies? Today there are none.

So, how did we get to where we are today? Be careful, the answer will ruffle some peoples deep rooted loyalties.

As with most things all you have to do is follow the money. Large AG companies give grants to XYZ Land Grant University to study ABC. Professors are rewarded (even expected) to bring in so much grant money to the school every year which sets up competition. Studies are made following the grant guidelines set up by the large companies. Results are published and handed to the USDA bureaucracy to implement at farms to use the large companies products which guarantees sales back to the large companies.

Many times the company lobbyist as well as association lobbyist (for example MS Poultry Lobbyist) get involved to to write and push legislation to favor their industry. A great example of this is the COOL (stands for Country Of Origin Label). Did you know that big meat packers (the ones who are currently shut down) and the National Cattleman's Association were successful in repealing the COOL on beef? That means the big meat packers who buy finished cattle can import cattle from anywhere in the world into the U.S.A.; have the carcass go through a USDA Plant (owned by the big meat packer) and legally label the meat "Product of the USA".

Today, when you buy beef from the grocery store, restaurant, or butcher shop you have know way of knowing where it was raised, how it was treated, what the animal ate, and etc.

This system has destroyed many small farms, rural communities, and small businesses that supported them - like local processors. As well as the health of many Americans.



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