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Hens & Eggs Farm Update

August 30, 2020

Nature has certain rhythms! Spring brings flowers, new growth, and wildlife give birth to their young. Summer is a time of growth for forages, trees, etc. that feed new life. Fall is harvest and time to prepare for cold weather. Winter is a time to hunker down.

Farm sales have periods of highs and lows. Typically, July and August are slow times because folks are on vacation, etc. September through early December as well as Spring are our strongest months.

Each year we rotate out an older flock of hens and bring in a young flock. The new flock are about 17 weeks old and typically start to lay about week 21 or 22. Their first eggs are medium in size, but will jump to large quickly.

Many of you know that my professional background (before the farm) was in Supply Chain Management. So, we understand the importance of having supply available for sales.

When it comes time to swap out a flock of hens we first schedule it for a slow period of time - like AUGUST. Additionally, we stockpile eggs ahead of the changeover.

We do have two flocks of hens that are about 6-9 months different in age. So, the objective is to only change out the older flock leaving the younger flock producing during the time the new 17 week old hens are coming of age to start laying.

In a perfect world the flock that remains plus the stockpiled eggs would be more then enough to meet customer demand during the slow period. And, the new hens would be laying by the time orders picked up.

However, nature has thrown us a curve this time. The existing flock has decided to take a break from laying! So, instead of getting about 700 eggs per day we are only getting about half that number for the past 10 days to two weeks.

Our stockpile of eggs are GONE! And the new 17 week old hens are not scheduled to start laying until the end of August to early September.

Additionally, egg size has dropped. Only a few jumbo's and many more medium size eggs per day.

The bad news is supply will be very tight for September deliveries.

The good news is today they laid 60 more eggs than yesterday! And, like the rhythms of nature, pretty soon we will have plenty of eggs to meet the increased demand going into the harvest season.

We appreciate your patience.

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B Crochet. recently left this ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Google Review:

"Excellent all around. The meat and eggs are far superior to anything one finds in the grocery store. And it's a good farm, run by good people, who are good to their animals."

Ben Simmons


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