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Highlights Of An "Amazing" Year At NGF

December 25, 2021

Merry Christmas and hello from your farmer,

I want to take a few minutes of your time this morning to say how THANKFUL we are to be a part of so many of your lives. We appreciate your generosity to spend your food dollars with our farm and how you trust and depend on our farm to provide nutritious, naturally-raised beef, pork, chicken, and eggs on pasture where the animals can live their life as God intended.

Much of our sales are invested right back into the farm to improve the quality & service we bring to our customers as well as ensure our farm stays viable for years to come.

Here are a few highlights I've selected from 2021. Hope you enjoy.


*NEW* Winter Comfort Bundle. We launched this bundle December 28th to our Coast route so they could make an order before the deadline closed Dec 30th. And then opened to all locations Jan 2nd. The launch closed Jan 4th. Forty-three bundles (almost 1000 pounds) were sold in 5-days. Most customers also bought additional items.


Mid April we completed our red meat processing plant to include a carcass cooler, fabrications room, and walk in freezer.


Shortly thereafter, we harvested 16 pigs and delivered halves/wholes to customers.


At the same time our 1/4 Pork Harvest Box was added and continues to be a steady favorite for many customers.


A new chick brooder was added late Spring. It was built from a repurposed 53' reefer trailer and includes automated heat, lights, and ventilation. This has allowed us to give these babies a great (and healthy) start to life!


Late September we harvested six lamb under USDA inspection directly on our farm. While we "got it done" it was very difficult. Unfortunately, as you may have read last week, the slaughter trailer is not working out - at no fault of our own. While disappointing, we know the Lord has something better in store for us here.


Lastly, is our wonderful team that helps us bring it all together to serve your needs.

So, what will 2022 bring? We will add turkeys and hopefully lamb and possibly goats (to help manage pastures). I'm looking into Dr. Laura Ingram's Soil Food Web Compost courses as a way to add biology/fungi into our soils to improve fertility by using ingredients from our farm. I will add to the cow herd in the 1st quarter. Yep, I am sure there will be more so stay tuned.

Oh, I almost forgot. Last's weeks Newsletter was the most read ever with a 9.6% increase from the previous high and up 31.8% since November 1st. Thank you!

Are you a "regular" customer of our farm?

If not, and you are looking for premium ALL NATURAL beef, pork, chicken, and eggs raised on pasture as God intended - without growth hormones and antibiotics - and raised humanely then you have come to the right farm. Our delivery schedule and product availability is listed below along with several "Order" buttons that will take you to our website where you can browse over 90 product choices and place your order from the convenience of your home. It's that simple!

We hope to earn your business soon!

As always, thank you for rewarding our hard work with your trust and support. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Ben Simmons

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