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How Is Your Food Security?

May 26, 2022

Today I want to share my thoughts regarding questions that customers have asked me about gardens as well as some links that you may find helpful.

Most of the questions revolve around soil fertility for their garden plants...and can they get chicken manure from our farm for their gardens?

My first response is fresh or non-composted chicken manure used in a vegetable garden can transfer harmful pathogens into the plants as well as attract damaging insects.

The key to soil fertility without chemicals is cover crops! If you have been a subscriber/reader of our newsletter then you know how much we depend on cover crops.

Remember, nature operates slow! You cannot get up tomorrow and say "I think today I will plant a garden." You must plan ahead and operate with nature.

So, the key to a successful garden is planning and working ahead with cover crops. Cover crops are a diverse species that includes grasses, legumes, brassicas, and broadleaf plants. For a summer garden you should have planted a diverse cover crop mix the previous fall.

The easiest way to plant for your garden is use a deer blend of seeds. Most include a diverse mix of the four types without having to over spend buying and mixing individual species to make your mix. A diverse cover crop provides the fertility the next seasons crop (your garden) will need.

Recently, Dr. Allen Williams with Understanding Ag posted an article titled "How Does Your Garden Grow?" Helpful Tips For Growing It Regeneratively. Click here to read his article.

Do you remember Diana Rodgers? She is the inspiration behind the book (and documentary) Sacred Cow. Her most famous quote is, "It's NOT the Cow, but the How!" Meaning, so many environmental groups blame the cow for all the carbon issues when actually the reason for the issues is the cow is being forced to live life in cramped feedlots vs. in open pastures where the manure and urine is digested by the plants that then suppress carbon that feeds the soil biology.

And, mankind is responsible for forcing the cow to live life in a CAFO in a quest to provide "cheap" meat to consumers.

Anyway, Diana included this update in a recent newsletter:

Praise For Sacred Cow:

In a new article titled "5 Books the World Economic Forum Doesn’t Want You to Read" Sacred Cow was highlighted as the first of the five. Although intended to be humorous, this article does accurately highlight the idea that certain truths are intentionally suppressed by those with other interests. That is something I have certainly felt in my efforts to spread my message, but seeing Sacred Cow make this list gives me hope that many of you are still realizing the truth. If you want to continue supporting me and learning more, make sure to subscribe to my other organization called

Global Food Justice Alliance here or check out Sacred Cow here.

If you are not familiar with the WEF let me invite you to check out Curtis Bowers at Agenda Weekly. Click here.

One thing is for sure, the WEF agenda is a major threat to our lifestyle including how we farm and the nutritional food we provide for families.

When it comes to your Food Security we encourage folks to be as self sufficient as possible. Most people have the "space" to raise a few vegetables - others more. And some raise magnificent gardens. During WWII families raised Victory Gardens that provided 40% of their food which allowed more to be available for soldiers. People seem to always find a way to do what is important to them.

-Native American Proverb "We don’t inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children."

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