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It's Springtime At The Farm

March 21, 2020

Spring has arrived at the farm!

About seven to ten days ago Mother Nature started signaling Spring would be early this year.

Our hardwood trees (except pecan) have almost fully leafed out, the wildflowers in the pasture are in bloom, the days are getting longer, pastures are drying up, and the humidity is lower.

And it is calving season!


Newborn calves are really cute and often present challenges to their mom. Some mama cows know how to keep their calves close to them while others let them roam.

And, some calves don't listen to their mama when she calls - preferring to play or sleep. I have seen a group of calves run and play together and would not let another group join in with them.

Moving the cows and calves requires a lot of patience from your farmer!!! You see, they have not learned what a gate is or that its's OK to step in a mud hole (some act like they don't want to get their feet wet).

If you try to pressure them to keep up then they scatter like cats - meaning each one goes in a different direction. Now, Patience Ben!

​Spring brings more sunshine which spurs the grass into high gear. Our cool season pastures this time of year are growing to make ready for seed reproduction.

Sunshine does wonders to lift the spirits following a wet and dreary winter. You can see it in the cows, pigs, and chickens (and your farmer Ben & Beth).

So, we hope you are able to spend some time in your yard this weekend - to enjoy the sunshine, fresh air, flowers, and birds singing.

Until next week,


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Ben Simmons

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