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Look at all this Pork!

March 23, 2021

Hello, Ben Simmons, your farmer with Nature's Gourmet Farm, here.

Last week my friend and loyal customer, Ashley, did Beth and I the favor of recording a short 2-minute video to highlight everything that's included in our new 1/4 Pork Harvest Bundle.

She even went ahead and shared some of the ways that her family incorporates our pastured pork into their meals.


So far, this new bundle has been a pre-order hit during our inaugural Pork Harvest Sale.

If you click thru to watch the video below, you'll be able to see why our customers are pre-ordering this new bundle while they can still secure $26+ in savings during the event.

Here are just a few of those reasons:

Variety: This bundle has over 120 portions of 7 unique and hearty pork products
Convenience: Save shopping time when you stock up on staples you can use for many meals
Quality: Our pork is strikingly different than the pork you'll find at grocers.
Bulk-Pricing: The pre-order process allows us to pass along substantial savings directly to you because we're able to make a more accurate call on how much pork needs to be processed, which means less product tied up as unsold inventory.

Go ahead and see for yourself when you click here to watch the video:

Watch the Unboxing Video

That's all for today, enjoy the video, and as always your questions are welcome

Ben Simmons

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