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Meet Our Replacement Heifers

July 15, 2022

Last weekend Beth gave an informative update on the status of our hens and egg production. Hope you were able to read it.

Today, I want to show you a few pictures of our replacement heifers. Maybe I should start by telling you what a replacement heifer is.

A replacement heifer is a young female yearling that is typically 15-24 months old that has not had a calf. The objective is to select the best of the best females from our herd and retain them to be future mama cows. Not just any female will do!


This is a picture of several of the heifers we kept from our herd.


The heifer "out front" is from our farm. The three orange tag heifers were purchased. They are smaller because they are also 6 months younger.


We also purchased this Registered Red Angus bull (tag 114) to breed each of our replacement heifers.

So, some details about the bull & heifers we purchased.

First, one of the best Red Angus forage based ranches is 5L in Montana. We tried several years to pickup both replacement heifers & bulls, but the price (including transportation) put them out of our reach.

So this year we looked to Les in Alabama who has used 5L bulls exclusively for the past 25 years to improve his cow herd. I first meet Les about 5 years ago at his farm. It was the time when he was preparing to attend the annual 5L Spring Bull Sale. By preparing, I mean he was studying the sale catalog of some 400 or so bulls. Studying all the data - looking for bulls with qualities to improve his herd. There is no telling how many hours he spent "selecting" the bulls he intended to be the high bidder on...and he usually was.

This makes us feel very good about the replacements we purchased and look forward to the improvement they bring to our Grass-Finished Beef.

And our new bull - well his Sire is a top 5L bull. This is the second time I have purchased from Ron (and the third bull) and have been pleased with them all.

As you can see, we are moving towards 5L quality Red Angus. We agree with their motto "Bred For Balance" vs. placing emphasis on the latest fad traits. And, they are raised on forage and not grain.

Can't wait to see those first calves in February 2023!!!

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Ben & I really appreciate your business and thank you for rewarding our hard work with your trust and support. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Ben Simmons

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