Newsletter 2016 1023

October 23, 2016

“Maybe we should stop asking why Real Food is so expensive and start
asking why processed food is so cheap.”


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What is your objective when you shop for food to feed your family? Do you consider product labels? What is your most important consideration – Nutritional value, cost, taste, kids will eat it, brand, etc.?

More and more folks are starting to understand the better overall value is actually nutrient-dense foods vs. processed foods from GMO grains (which is in about 95% of products on grocery store shelves). Here is a table comparison that Dr. Don Huber shared a few years ago at the Grassfed Exchange Conference regarding nutrient density of Iowa corn in 2012:

Nutrient                  GMO         Non-GMO
Glyphosate              13            0
Formaldehyde          200          0
Test Weight             57.5         61.5
Nitrogen                  7             46
Phosphorus              3             44
Potassium                7             113
Calcium                   14           6130
Magnesium              2             113
Sulphur                   3             42
Manganese              2             14
Iron                        2             14
Zinc                        2.3          14.3
Copper                    2.6          16
Cobalt                     0.2          1.5
Molybdenum            0.2          1.5
Boron                      0.2          1.5
Selenium                 0.6          0.3
Chlorine                  10           1

Now, if there was only a way to convert nutrient density into a dollar value to show Mom’s that from a nutritional perspective the Non-GMO product is actually the best dollar value (kinda like which size can is the lower unit cost)! I wonder if families would eat less Non-GMO food because their bodies communicate they have received enough nutrition?

Remember, our farm is GMO-FREE

October Deliveries are behind us and we want to thank you for your support of our farm – October was our third delivery month and each month the volume has increased. A bonus to deliveries is we are able to meet our customers and hear from you. Your kind words of encouragement are appreciated.

Pickup Locations: we had numerous last minute calls about pickup locations and address. Please note that your packing list (emailed day prior to pickup) includes the name of your selected pickup location. From our website you can select Pickup Locations from the top bar and view all locations, addresses, dates, and times. Hope this helps.

Veterans Day Sale: We wish to show appreciation to our military veterans and the men & women who continue to serve our Nation by offering a $25 savings on our Beef Variety Share regularly priced at $205, now $180. Order now for pickup per the above schedule.

Ben Simmons

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