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Newsletter 2016 1204

written by

Ben Simmons

posted on

December 4, 2016

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We believe in transparency, as there’s no better education about what it is we do, how we do it and why, than an honest and straightforward conversation about any aspect of our farm!

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So, what is the fastest dollar growth trend - according to the Non-GMO Project website their retail partners report that Non-GMO products are the fastest growth trend in their stores this year. Annual sales of Non-GMO products now exceed $16 billion.

They go on to state that a 2014 consumer survey found that "80% seek out non-GMO products, with 56% saying non-GMO was key to brand buying." A 2015 consumer poll also found that 93% of Americans and 88% of Canadians support labeling of GMO's. The Non-GMO Project Verified Facebook page has more than 1
million highly engaged followers, who act as passionate brand ambassadors spreading the word about their trust in the Butterfly and whose demand continues to drive the movement forward.

Why does Nature's Gourmet Farm go the extra mile to ensure ONLY Non-GMO feed is used to grow our animals? Because as a small farm your families health matters to us. We take the trust and responsibility you place in us seriously. Unlike industrial ag farmers (who are several levels removed from the consumer) we meet you face to face with your order.

Dr. Mercola (which you should be reading if you are serious about your food & health) recently wrote:

The Exorbitant Cost of 'Cheap Food'

Americans have become dependent on cheap convenience foods that can be "prepared" in five minutes or less—or without taking both hands off the steering wheel. More than 17,000 new processed food products are introduced each year. Bright, catchy packaging conceals foods laden with chemicals, unhealthful fats, and high fructose corn syrup, all of which contribute to today's skyrocketing rates of obesity and illness, especially
among our youth.

Americans spend less on food than any other industrialized nation—an average of $151 per week, which amounts to less than seven percent of their income. How can such a low value be placed on something so important for your health and longevity?

The US beef industry has managed to cut its prices in half since 1960. Unfortunately, cheap food contains cheap and toxic ingredients... and you get what you pay for. Food imports have increased four-fold over the past decade, overwhelming the FDA with inspections. Of the 200,000 shipments from China in 2006, less than two percent were sampled for quality and safety.

"Cheap food" isn't cheap when you consider all of the hidden costs associated with it. You make your first payment at the grocery store—just consider this your down payment, because you may be paying for it FIVE more times!

At tax time, you pay for "cheap food" a second time with your  contribution to agricultural subsidies. Processed food is mostly corn,  canola, soy, rice, wheat, and sugar. These products (along with cotton)  account for 98 percent of subsidies.

Illnesses: You may pay for cheap food a third time if  you visit your doctor as a result of foodborne illnesses. CDC estimates  that foodborne illnesses such as E. coli and salmonella cause 5,200 deaths  each year in the US.
Mass scale operations are riddled with quality control  problems, leading to outbreaks of illness and food recalls.

Disease: You pay for it a fourth time  if you return to your doctor later for a chronic illness—heart disease, obesity, diabetes, stroke,  and cancer—consider these "foodborne" illnesses that just take a  little longer to manifest. According to CDC, one in three children born in  the year 2000 will develop type 2 diabetes.

As soon as the factory farmer files for bankruptcy and leaves, you pay for  your food a fifth time. This is what often happens when they are asked to  clean up their land—a monumental expense that often results in bankruptcy,
sticking the rest of us with the tab.

The sixth time is when you pay your fuel bill. Processed foods and imported foods have an extremely large energy footprint. One-fifth of US fossil fuel consumption goes to the growing, packaging, and transporting of food.

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Are Foreign Imports "Local"?

It may surprise you that I do receive AND read several weekly newsletters from other farms that I know and trust. Last week, Paul Brown who owns Nourished By Nature in Bismark, ND (son of Gabe Brown) wrote a really good article on import beef and he agreed to let me share with my customers. So, here goes! If you recall, the last newsletter we sent out referred to the statistic that today, only 2% of the population in the US produces food for the entire country (plus imports) as compared to 17% in 1940. This is unprecedented and it makes me wonder, what happened over the last 80 years? And where will we be in another 80? No wait, how about 10 years??? Will all US food production be outsourced?

Product Updates & More

First, a quick followup from last week's email where I shared my letter to Sec. Watson. This generated a lot of interest and response from our customers - ALL very positive and thankful for us taking the stand we do. Several customers also shared that they were personal friends with Sec. Watson and would contact him regarding our farm. So far, I have not heard from him. Cindy shared the following: Thank you for speaking out about issues that many of us are very upset about and feel like we have no voice. Hopefully, Secretary Watson will actually do something. In my opinion, Farm Bureau is against most Mississippians. They were against the illegal land sales to the Chinese and other foreign countries who want to harm us. I was at the meeting at the Capitol a few months ago and saw it firsthand. They are against any legislation to protect pets, such as dogs and cats, from animal abusers, in addition to the chicken and dairy issues you mentioned above. I am no fan at all of Farm Bureau. They are a detriment to our state. But they have a powerful lobby and lots of friends in influential places . And lots of farmers, big farmers, are fans. I have always been a fan of ag commissioner Gipson and I expect he will run for governor one day. I’m not sure if it’s a political play, but it seems that he is quiet on most of these issues. One exception is the Land deals, because he did chair those groups and hold the hearings.

Letter To Sec. Watson MS Secretary of State

This week I received an email from Sec. Watson regarding his offices' plan and successes in eliminating administrative and MS Code bottlenecks that hold back business growth. He also asked for input on areas that affect our business. Have you ever heard the saying, "Be Careful What You Ask For?" Well, here is my response to Sec. Watson. I'm still waiting to hear back from him - which I truly hope will happen. Sec. Watson, first let me thank you for aggressively tackling these tough issues. Too many politicians today are mere pawns of