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Our First Ever Pork Harvest Savings Event!

March 23, 2021

Over the course of the last month or so I've shared the ongoing transformation our farm is making, and the positive impact it will have for our animals, the farm, our community and you, the end consumer.

The feedback we've received has been both encouraging and heartwarming, and Beth and I are so grateful for the support of our loyal customers who we feel are partners in this project.

Today, I have the pleasure of announcing an exciting way that you can begin to partake in the end result of this project, and enjoy an awesome savings during our first annual Pork Harvest Sale Event.

Let me share the 5 Key Points so you can know what to expect, know how to participate (if interested), and understand why we're so thrilled to bring this to you:

#1 The Pork Harvest Savings Event will begin next Saturday, March 20th, and then continue thru the following Saturday, March 27th.

#2 During that time you will have access to our best pricing of the year on Pork bundles, and a few special event exclusive bundles including a new variety bundle we've never offered before called the 1/4 Pork Harvest Box. I'm really excited about this one!

#3 We'll also be offering 50% off of the processing cost of both custom processed 1/2 Pig ($92.00 savings) or Whole Pig ($180.00 savings) pre-orders.

#4 All items will be available for pre-order only, which will allow us to know exactly how many animals to harvest at the end of the sale and enable us to pass along such a great savings to those who choose to participate.

#5 We currently expect to begin fulfilling all pre-orders starting in late April through May deliveries.

This event is a wonderful way to kick off our new way of providing you an exceptional, nutrient-dense pastured pork product from animals that spend their entire life on our farm, from birth to processing, under my care and guidance.

Last but not least, please be on the lookout for an email from me early next Saturday morning, March 20th, to review our entire event offering and pre-order your pastured pork.

Thanks, as always, for your support.

Ben Simmons

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