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Pork Harvest Sale Is Open!

March 23, 2021

It's an exciting Saturday morning here on the farm as we kick off our 1st annual Pork Harvest Sale!

We have 4 options for you to consider, each with special pricing starting today and lasting through next Saturday, March 27th when the ordering period closes.

IF INTERESTED please make sure to read these TWO key steps before taking any action:

Step #1 - Identify your location's current estimated pickup date in the picture below

As was mentioned in my announcement last week, all items featured during this Pork Harvest Sale are available for pre-order only. We are expecting to start making pork pre-orders available to customers beginning in late-April through May.

Once you've selected the bundle you want to pre-order from our event offering page, you'll need to pick an "Availability Date" during the simple pre-order checkout process, as shown in the image below.

Please review the image below to identify the date you should select from the drop-down menu at checkout:


These dates correspond with our standard schedule you are likely accustomed to:

1st Sat of Month - Gulf Coast Route
2nd Sat of Month - Hattiesburg/Picayune Route
3rd Sat of Month - Jackson area Route
Weekly - Farm Pickup (but for these Pork Sale pre-orders, select April 24th)

Once you've made a mental note of the correct date for your pickup location route, please proceed to Step 2.

Ben Simmons

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