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September 28, 2020

Good Morning and hello from your farmer,

Spring and early Summer were really crazy times that impacted us all - and to some extent still does.

When the industrial food processing plants started closing due to COVID-19 many grocery store shelves quickly went bare. That forced folks to look elsewhere for their weekly groceries.

Farms like Nature's Gourmet Farm were quickly overwhelmed with business. Fortunately, we had scheduled our beef & pork processing dates for the year which really helped.

Now, things have settled down and we are somewhat back to pre-COVID operations.

One of the outcomes for our farm has been generating a "rhythm" in what we do. For example: the beef we process the first Monday of each month will be restocked about the end of the third week - - for customers to place orders for the October delivery dates. The same with pork except will be the August 17th processing that will be RESTOCKED the end of the third week of September - - for customers to place orders for the October delivery dates.

That helps keep everything fresh as well.

So, lets discuss our current STOCK STATUS!

we have plenty of ground beef, roast, and ribs. Back in the Spring these were the first items folks bought vs. steaks. Now, everyone is buying steaks - that is why we are OUT of STOCK on most all steaks. The good news is we will restock about September 26th.

Additionally, I have an open half beef available for the October 5th processing and FOUR halves each for November 2nd and December 7th. Please reply to this email if you are interested.

There are many folks who are super happy they have beef in their freezer and are now prepared for whatever turmoil may come our way this fall without having to deal with possible food supply interruptions like we saw this Spring.

we are fully stocked on all items except boston butts and ribs with an ample supply of pork chops and patty sausage. Restock will be late the week of September 21st. Additionally, if you are interested in a half or whole pig we have several open halves for the September 21st processing date. Please reply to this email if interested.

we are fully stocked on ALL ITEMS
including breast and wings - the items that sell out first. Looks like we are finally catching up here. And, we have two more processing dates for September (16 & 23) as well as three dates each for October, November, and December.

this is what's on everyone's mind! Two things needed to "really" improve egg production is cooler nights and time - and both are forecast for next week. The older flock lay rate continues to get better and the egg size has improved from mediums back to large. We expect them to improve as the weather cools off. The younger flock are just starting to lay. It begins with a few - and then will start doubling almost everyday. Today, Eric picked up 56 eggs total between small and medium. Next week should be a really good week for both quantity and size.

And, since we are three weeks away from the start of the October deliveries, we should be able to meet your order needs.

Lastly, be on the lookout for some new items when beef & pork are restocked this month.

Ben Simmons

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