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Product Updates For The Holidays

November 14, 2022

Today, I want to share updates on our Beef Bacon, Lamb, and Christmas Turkeys.

BEEF BACON - Our first attempt at making beef bacon flopped. It turned out way to salty. Then, when we processed our October beef we tried again...on a smaller "test" scale. We then handed out samples to a couple of folks who had asked and here are their comments:

* D Matthews wrote to say "The beef bacon was deelicious! I look forward to purchasing it with my next order."
* Joseph G wrote "We tried the Beef Bacon, it was delicious! The texture when we fried it comes out between bacon and jerky. The flavor was rich and deep, we didn't add any seasoning to it and has become a favorite of my wife and I. My wife stated that I really like it, it has a very smooth smoky flavor, not pork bacon but she would use it interchangeably and its far superior to turkey bacon. If she didn't eat pork, this is a much greater substitute for turkey bacon and she used to not eat pork. She cant truly express how much better it is."

No worries if our website shows "sold out". We will be processing beef this next week and will be adding more Beef Bacon very soon.

LAMB - Everyone has been wanting to know when we will be in stock on Lamb! Well, the wait is almost over. I have a harvest date on November 14th (Monday) so we should be back in stock by November 28th. Just before the December Order Deadline for our Coast Route. So, folks will be able to take delivery for their Christmas family mealtimes.

TURKEYS - we had more request for Thanksgiving Turkeys than we had turkeys! After letting those customers know the situation we also gave them first opportunity for a Christmas Turkey. Currently, we do have a few turkeys left so if you are looking for a Christmas Turkey simply email me and I will add your name to the list.

So, the other day Beth asked me this question - "Is all that brown forage you have the cows eating nutritious?"

Good question... to which I responded - It depends. First it depends on the weather. In a typical year when we get a lot of rain starting in November will tend to "wash out" the grasses and make them much less nutritious. However, this year has been a very dry fall and the grass is more cured like hay. Secondly, it depends on the forage type. Some grasses die off early and wither onto the ground. Not much cow nutrition left there. However, other forages will die and stay erect. Here is an example-


Did you notice the shade of green near the soil surface? That is clover. For three years in a row now the clover has come back each year very strong. This is a result of letting it mature and go to seed. Working "with" nature is so much better than paddling against the current!


So, is there a way to tell if the forage is nutritious? Another very good question!

When Dr. Williams was here with the MS State Regen Ag Club he described to the members how to tell if the cow was getting the nutrition she needed. Actually, it is very simple - look at the manure patty. Yes, that is correct. If the cow is receiving good nutrition then the manure patty will be the texture of pancake mix so when it falls to the soil the manure will make a flat pancake. To much fiber and the patty is lumpy. To much protein and the patty will be runny. Here is a picture of a good manure patty-


Another important observation in this patty is the dung beetle activity. You can see holes where they are taking manure into the ground and a few other places where they have brought dirt to the surface. This is a great example of our ecosystem functioning as it should.

Have you been looking for premium ALL NATURAL GOODNESS of beef, pork, chicken, and eggs raised on pasture as God intended - with emphasis on Regenerative Principles and NOT conventionally raised animals (with growth hormones, drugs, chemicals, and antibiotics) - and where animals are treated humanely - then you have come to the right farm. Our delivery schedule and product availability is listed below along with order buttons that will take you to our website where you can browse over 90 product choices and place your order from the convenience of your home. It's that simple!

Lastly, Beth & I thank you for trusting us with your food dollars.

** Product Availability Update **

Chicken -Restocked Thursday, November 10th. Next harvest date is December 13th with restock the following day

Eggs - Eggs are still tight. New hens arrived September 16th.

Beef - Restocked October 21st early afternoon. Next harvest is November 1st with restock about November 18th

Pork - Restocked bacon September 29th. Next harvest date is TBD.

Lamb - Next harvest date is MONDAY, NOVEMBER 14th.

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