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Regen Ag Club Visits NGF

written by

Ben Simmons

posted on

November 6, 2022

October 29th we hosted student members of MS State Regen Ag Club here on the farm.

The club was started by Chris Williams, the son of Dr. Allen Williams who you have heard me talk about many times before.

This is the club's first year - so everything is still very new!

Nine students attended the field day here. Each person shared their interest and expected future in agriculture. I was surprised how many of them were attending State, but were not residents of Mississippi. One student's home was Idaho.

First, we looked at our pastured chicken operation and explained what we do and the advantages of raising broilers on pasture.

Next, we looked at the cows while they were up close and before the rain started. Most of the students had experience around cows and the guy who is studying Ranch Management was complimentary of our herd. Overall, they asked a lot of good questions about our handling of the cows, cover crops, etc.


Visually, the pasture does not appear to have much nutritive value. However, when you inspect the cows manure patty it suggests the cow is receiving all she needs nutritively. Additionally, Dr. Williams commented how our cows have "happy lines". Happy lines are an indication that the cow's system is healthy and her glands, organs, etc. are all functionally normally.

Soon the rain started so we moved into the plant where I was able to show them both the chicken processing plant and red meat plant.


Again, lots of good questions including marketing, sales, USDA, etc. But no takers when I asked if anyone would like to process a chicken. hahaha

Beth then treated us to a farm raised lunch of smoked chicken, baked beans, and potato salad.

It's always a great day to share our farm story - especially to a group of young folks interested in regenerative agriculture for a career.

Maybe you have been looking for premium ALL NATURAL GOODNESS of beef, pork, chicken, and eggs raised on pasture as God intended - with emphasis on Regenerative Principles and NOT conventionally raised animals (with growth hormones, drugs, chemicals, and antibiotics) - and where animals are treated humanely - then you have come to the right farm. Our delivery schedule and product availability is listed below along with order buttons that will take you to our website where you can browse over 90 product choices and place your order from the convenience of your home. It's that simple!

Lastly, Beth & I thank you for trusting us with your food dollars.

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** Product Availability Update **

Chicken -Restocked Thursday, October 26th. Next harvest date is November 8th with restock the following day

Eggs - Eggs are still tight. New hens arrived September 16th. First TWEO eggs were gathered Wednesday - YEAH!!!

Beef - Restocked October 21st early afternoon. Next harvest is November 1st with restock about November 18th

Pork - Restocked bacon September 29th. Next harvest date is TBD.

Lamb - Next harvest date is later this fall.

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