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The Buzz Is Growing

written by

Ben Simmons

posted on

April 14, 2018

Product Update –

1) Chicken - The FIRST batch have arrived and will be available FRESH on April 28th (SOLD OUT). Then on May 25, June 22, July 20, Aug 17, Sep 14, Oct 12, and Nov 9. If you would like to reserve some for your family simply let me know how many by DATE.

2) Beef - We have plenty of recently processed beef cuts in our freezer waiting for your order. Do you need larger quantities - then consider our best family value Half Beef-Custom Processed! To learn more visit our store at Half-Beef, Custom Processed

Next Harvest Date is March 11th - if you plan to purchase a custom beef I need to have your order before March 9th. We will process in April. Then, it will be late fall of 2018.

3) Pork - We have plenty of most cuts in stock. However, bacon, ribs and shoulder roast are sold out. We are now taking orders for our Half-Pork Custom Processed that will be harvested mid-March. Only one half is left so don't delay - I need your order by March 16th for processing March 18th.

Farm Update –

Wednesday was our regularly scheduled pickup day and what a beautiful day to be out enjoying the warm sunshine,fresh air and interacting with customers.

Friday, I spoke to the 8th grade science class (about 50 students) at Petal Middle School. They were studying about GMO's and their teacher Mrs. Bilbo had been following our farm and asked if we would share with the students why we do not use GMO's. It was a rewarding experience.

Several of my Hattiesburg Clinic customers told me about Dr. Arthur Martin, Cardiology, who wrote "Dr. Martin's Tips for a Heart-Healthy Diet and Lifestyle." I contacted his nurse who gave me permission to share with my email list. While he has many powerful tips the one that impressed me about him the most was "Eat real food from farm to table and stay away from processed junk." Let me encourage you to read all his Tip's. 

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Customer Feedback- 

I have been getting beef, chicken, and pork from Nature's Gourmet Farm for about three years, and their products are some of the finest available. The most recent half share of pork that I received has been amazing. Some of the best bacon I have ever tasted! The ground beef is lean and delicious. And the chickens are terrific too. The taste of a roasted, freshly processed chicken, before it has ever been frozen, is divine. So happy that they have added eggs to their farm recently.

And best of all - Ben is truly committed to sustainable farming and humane treatment of his animals. I've visited the farm, and the animals really are living the way that nature intended. Amy A.

Quote Worth Re-Quoting –  “When chickens get to live like chickens, they'll taste like chickens, too.”

Michael Pollan, The Omnivore's Dilemma; A Natural History of Four Meals

As always, thank you for supporting our regenerative, local farm.

Ben & Beth

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Community IS Something You Can Give

Lot's of very positive comments from last weeks Newsletter. Vanessa gave me permission to share her reply. Here goes- You have known my stance. They are trying to modify us to break our connection to our Creator. To be "unnatural" is to be without God. The definition for "sin" is "without God". These modified foods may be without the light of God, but I think no matter how injured we are, we can always find our way home. Where Attention Goes, Energy Flows. It's what I have always lived by. Our energy/attention is very valuable?

What's The Latest With Beef

Friday morning before 7a.m., a young mother called inquiring about buying chicken and beef. She had recently read where Moderna had received $175 million from the US Government to develop mRNA vaccines for our food supply. This greatly troubled her as a mother and unvaccinated RN. We understand! And felt the same. Equally disturbing is a quote from a prior CDC Director who stated the next pandemic will involve the avian flu. Is this their way of communicating what they are working on next - after Covid? A customer introduced me to Tracy Thurman who writes for the Brownstone Institute

It's Like Christmas!

"It's Like Chirstmas" - that was Laura's comment when picking up her half beef on Monday. Lot's of excitment to have their freezer filled with farm fresh beef. This was our second special harvest for half/whole beef where the processing is completed by Homestead Farm & Packing. By moving the custom processing to Homestead it frees up our plant/staff to focus on retail cuts that are sold by the piece through our store. Mostly, this helps us be able to serve more families. Demand continues to be strong for our half/whole beef. So, if you are interested