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The Health Benefits of Grass Finished Beef

October 28, 2020

Popular diets recognize the value of all-natural grass finished beef in their diet. This high protein food helps provide essential amino acids, vitamin B12, A, D, and E as well as important minerals and other nutrients.

Our farming stewardship of the land and animals is based on Godly principles - similar to God's Biblical health plan as it is presented in Dr. Jordan S. Rubin's bestselling book The Maker's Diet.

Our cattle herd peacefully graze about 265 acres of diverse grassland that has high quality, high protein grasses that are free of chemicals.

The end result is delicious, all-natural, lean beef, with many hidden health benefits.


Our grass finished beef helps support a strong body by providing important nutrients to build and replenish muscles.

When you eat Nature's Gourmet Farm beef you are getting the best protein benefits that nature has to offer:

Rich in Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids
Rich in conjugated Linoleic Acid
High in Vitamin B complex
(niacin, riboflavin, and B12)
High in Vitamins A and E
Rich in Zinc, Iron, and Digestible Protein
High in all Nine Essential Amino Acids
Free of Preservatives
Free of Antibiotics and Hormones

Our commitment to you and your family is remarkable lean beef that is grass-fed, all-natural, and tender, with mouthwatering flavor and REAL health benefits!

So, say Goodbye to Feedlot beef and HELLO to Nature's Gourmet Farm grass finished beef!

You'll be glad you did.

Ben Simmons

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