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Three BIG Summer Holidays Coming Up! Are You Ready?

written by

Ben Simmons

posted on

June 13, 2021

So, Are you ready for the Three BIG Summer Holidays coming up? They are Memorial Day, Father's Day, and Fourth of July.

They are among the biggest grilling days of the year. And, your farmer has worked hard to restock beef & pork this week to meet your needs.

Please check out the restock details in the Product Update section below.

Beth and I regularly talk about how different we spend money today vs. when we first married in 1981. This week the conversation started from her trip to deliver eggs Monday and how empty the new car lots are! Then, our close friends mentioned they sold their home in less than 23 hours following a bidding war between several buyers.

No doubt there are a lot of clever marketing schemes out there to spend your hard earned money on. And, storage buildings everywhere to store all that "stuff" we once thought we could not do without.

A customer once asked me "What was the most influential book you have read?" Well, that is easy. After God's Holy Bible, the next book I would choose is "Rich Dad, Poor Dad". Dr. Ed Koken stated, "Rich Dad Poor Dad is not about getting rich quickly. It is about taking responsibility for your financial affairs and improving wealth by mastering money. Read it if you want to awaken your financial genius."

This book completely changed the way I think about money as well as use money.

A you know, there is a lot of talk about raising food prices. I actually spent some time looking into how the U.S. food expenditures compares to other countries. What I learned is the U.S. is among a very few countries that spend less than 5% of disposable income on food. In 2018 the rate was 4.8%. Here is a visual:


Interesting, is the trend for food consumed at home vs. eaten away from home. In 2018 consumers spent more of their disposable income on food eaten away from home (54%) vs. eaten at home (46%).


Over the past 25 years, the poorest 20% of households in the US spent between 28.8% and 42.6% on food, compared with 6.5% to 9.2% spent by the wealthiest 20% of households.

Obviously, this is a very complicated issue with no single solution. One thing I do know is that many of the poorest 20% of households are involved in farming activities and food processing plants as laborers. Companies are learning that to keep plants running will require higher wages (maybe a living wage).

As always, we thank you for rewarding our hard work with your trust and support.

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Farm Visitors

Since we started selling via our online store in 2016, the number of visitors to our farm increased. Then, building the on-farm USDA poultry plant in 2019 spurred a lot of interest from folks who were interested in raising pastured poultry and were looking for a way around the MS Department of Ag regulation limiting the number of chickens per farm to only 1,000 per year. Most of the folks visiting were potential customers looking for naturally raised meats to feed their families.

Farmer Musings!

Beth & I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving - and turkey if you purchased one our our pastured turkeys. For our family the turkey did not disappoint. I spatchcocked (removed the backbone) so the turkey would lay flat. Beth then brined it for a day before smoking. It turned out tasty and juicy. Before our Thanksgiving meal each of us shared something we were thankful for. Beth's sister Debra shared the following:

A Day Processing Ground Beef!

Overall rain this week on our farm was about ONE inch! Not a lot in the big scheme of things, but very appreciated. It was enough to make a difference for our winter grass as you can see from this picture. In some areas of other pastures it appears that the seedlings died after germinating back in October. An observation that the heavy dews was not enough to keep them alive.