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Tis The Season For Comfort Foods

January 4, 2021

This week we announced our new Comfort Foods bundle and added a collection of classic comfort foods
and delicious new seasonings to our online store.

We decided to create this new Winter Comfort Foods bundle that includes roasts, whole chicken, and ground beef for a few reasons that I'd like to share with you today.

First and foremost, as the temperatures drop a bit it sure is nice to look forward to enjoying a roast, meatloaf or bowl of your favorite savory stew, chili or soup.

It truly is the heart of Comfort Foods season.

Whether you choose to simmer your comfort favorites on the stovetop or slow cook them all day in a crockpot, it's tough to beat the aroma of slow-cooked seasoned meats, veggies and potatoes.

I can tell you that we decided to include one of our whole pasture-raised chicken so you can roast up a chicken to make homemade chicken & noodles, chicken & rice soup or just a tasty slow-cooked breast.

Beth has recently started oven-roasting our chicken with the Chipotle seasoning from The Bearded Butchers we now have in our online store. It is absolutely dynamite.

And, we know many of our customers make sure to use the whole chicken, including the bones, to very simply make up their own nourishing, healing Chicken Bone broth.

All you have to do is place the leftover carcass in a crockpot, dutch oven or soup pot with some carrots, celery, onion, a few cloves of garlic, a bay leaf and a few TBSP of lemon juice or apple cider vinegar and add water until the entire bird is submerged. Slow cook it for 12-15 hours low and slow.

Last but not least, we included eggs that can be paired with our ground beef to make a delicious meatloaf or to spice up a weekend breakfast and brunch with an egg casserole.

As you can see, this bundle is very versatile for many delicious meals over the coming weeks.

As a reminder, we have a special offer going through Monday night Jan. 4th where we're adding 2 *extra* lbs. of ground beef (a $15 value) to all orders for the new Winter Comfort Bundle.

You can get yours right here:

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As always, we welcome your questions and appreciate your support.

Ben Simmons

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