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Update On Our Wonderful Eggs

July 15, 2022

Good Morning and hello from your farmer (BETH),

We tend to have a lot of conversations about eggs around here. We also field a lot of questions about eggs from you, our customer.

We have had several setbacks and delays in our egg production over the last several months. First, water problems with freezing nights that took out water lines, etc. Hens need a lot of water to produce eggs. Then we had light issues. Hens need 12-16 hours of light daily to produce eggs. Ben was finally able to fix the problem by replacing the Midnight Brats and all bulbs in both houses.

In the midst of all of this, we had some feed problems with ratios of ingredients so they didn't like it as well.

As you know, six hundred new ladies joined us in April. That upset everyone for a couple of weeks and settled down pretty well after the new girls started laying.

Now that most of them are laying, it takes them several weeks to work up to a large egg. They start out with small eggs then quickly move into mediums and then to large. Just this week most graduated from small to medium and some are now laying larges.


Over the past few weeks Ben has mentioned in the Product Update Section that our "total number of eggs per day" has increased. We had daily increases of 10, 25, 40, etc. and then one day 100 additional eggs from the prior day. The last few days the total has leveled off around 830 per day... a mixture of small, medium, large and a few jumbo.

An issue that works against them is the heat. They have to put energy into staying cool, so that takes away from the size of the egg for all of them, even those who lay the larger eggs.

I say all that to explain why we don't always have the size of eggs you want to purchase on the routes. We have commitments to the Corner Market stores for eggs each week (some stores have not received eggs in over 2-months). Our barcode and cartons only allow for large eggs. We need anywhere from 14-18 cases (15 dozen per case) each week. We have a restaurant we supply 4-6 cases a week, so they get our extra-large eggs which I sometimes have to add jumbo eggs in order to provide what they need for that week.

What’s left? Lots of medium eggs for now. However, a medium-sized egg is not a ‘bad egg’! Here is how the sizes of eggs compare:
Small 1.50 ounces
Medium 1.75 ounces
Large 2.00 ounces
Extra-large 2.25 ounces
Jumbo 2.50 ounces

There is one-quarter ounce between each size. So, a medium egg can be easily substituted for a large egg without really noticeable reduction.

Everything goes in cycles and they are trying to mature in their egg laying and trying to stay cool in our hot and humid weather.

Please give our girls your support by buying their medium eggs. They really are doing the best they can and you will benefit from the same quality eggs you have come to enjoy from our farm.

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Ben & I really appreciate your business and thank you for rewarding our hard work with your trust and support. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Ben Simmons

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