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VIDEOS: On The Lighter Side of Farm Life

October 28, 2020

This week I want to share three short videos taken recently on the farm. I will provide a short introduction and then a link to our farm YouTube channel. Note that the videos are unedited meaning it is what it is!

Hope you enjoy.

The first video is between our farm dog Tess and a fawn that wondered up in the pasture beside our home. We have seen a lot of fawns this year - many more than in any previous years. The video shows Tess circling the fawn and the fawn standing its ground while pivoting to keep a sharp eye on Tess.

The part I missed was the fawn challenging Tess and knocking her to the grown and pawing her. So, how does it end (which is not in the video) - after about 1.5 hour standoff I went back out and opened a gate with the hope the fawn would exit. However, it ran passed me into the corral then back out and headed straight for me.

Unfortunately, it ran into the net fence at which time Tess caught him and would have killed it if I had not been there to stop her. After all, that is her instinct! Afterwards, the fawn got up and left.

The next day the fawn returned to the same pasture. Who knows, maybe it was looking to play or for revenge. You can watch Tess and the fawn video here.

The second video was taken during a recent chicken processing day. I had gotten ahead of the evisceration team and took a break so they could catch up. This video is of our "Happy Cows" enjoying a very nice fall morning while grazing. Click here to watch.

The final video was taken my Beth's niece Allison while visiting Beth's parents a few weeks ago. There were over 50 hummingbirds coming up to enjoy a drink... many more than usual as they prepare for a long flight across the Gulf Of Mexico to winter. According to

"Many hummingbirds spend the winter in Central America or Mexico, and migrate north to their breeding grounds in the southern United States as early as February, and to areas further north later in the spring.

Hummingbirds fly by day when nectar sources such as flowers are more abundant. Flying low allows the birds to see, and stop at, food supplies along the way. They are also experts at using tail winds to help reach their destination faster and by consuming less energy and body fat. Research indicates a hummingbird can travel as much as 23 miles in one day.

During migration, a hummingbird's heart beats up to 1,260 times a minute, and its wings flap 15 to 80 times a second. To support this high energy level, a hummingbird will typically gain 25-40% of their body weight before they start migration in order to make the long trek over land, and water."

Enjoy the hummingbird video here.

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Ben Simmons

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