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Website Tips & Insights

July 20, 2021

Thanks for letting us have a few minutes of you day to let you know how our sales & marketing works as well as share some website tips.

As a small family farm we wear many hats each day. Beginning is late 2019 we started an email marketing strategy with the objective of building a relationship with potential customers.

We start by introducing new customers to Beth & me, our farm and how we care for the land and animals entrusted to us, our farm philosophy, and valued partners that help us along the way. Once a person signs up to our website it triggers an automatic email every week or so over the next ten weeks where we use pictures, videos, and examples from out farm.

We even introduce you to how your orders are packed and then take you along on a delivery route.

The really neat thing is when customers email us back with questions and comments.

Now for a few website (sales) tips.

#1- So, how do you know that your order was received? Answer- whenever you place an order and CONFIRM the order our website will automatically send you an email titled "Thank You For Your Order". If you do not receive this email soon after placing your order then please check your account and verify that you did confirm the order.

#2- We encourage customers to start an order (and confirm it) with products that are in stock and then as we restock our store throughout the month to update their order. VERY IMPORTANT... if you start an order but do not confirm it then our inventory is not allocated to your order and is still visible for other customers to order. That is why it is always best to CONFIRM your order and then update (add/edit/delete) a line item up until your order deadline date.

When you have an open unconfirmed order and your order deadline is approaching we automatically send an email titled "We Saved Your Cart For You" as a reminder that you have an order that has not been completed.

#3- Each Monday we automatically send out an email titled "Order Deadline Reminder" to customers whose delivery is the upcoming Saturday. We know folks are busy and have a lot on their minds these days. So, we are sending a short note that your order deadline is Wednesday at midnight so you can make any last minute adjustments to your order (or place an order). This seems to be really helpful for many customers.

#4- After the order deadline has passed Beth & I will pack your order - typically on Friday. Two things happen when your order is packed. First, if you selected to pay by credit card then your card is processed. Secondly, an email is automatically sent to you titled "Your Order Is Packed". The email includes a summary of your order and your delivery location address, date, and time.

Believe me, we are not trying to fill up your inbox! Our goal is to pop in and communicate your order status and move on.

We certainly hope you find these four tips helpful and if you have any questions simply let us know by pressing reply.

As always, we thank you for rewarding our hard work with your trust and support.

Ben Simmons

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