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What's The Latest With Beef

written by

Ben Simmons

posted on

July 7, 2024

Friday morning before 7a.m., a young mother called inquiring about buying chicken and beef. She had recently read where Moderna had received $175 million from the US Government to develop mRNA vaccines for our food supply. This greatly troubled her as a mother and unvaccinated RN.

We understand! And felt the same. Equally disturbing is a quote from a prior CDC Director who stated the next pandemic will involve the avian flu. Is this their way of communicating what they are working on next - after Covid?

A customer introduced me to Tracy Thurman who writes for the Brownstone Institute. Tracy is an advocate for regenerative farming, food sovereignty, decentralized food systems, and medical freedom. She works with the Barnes Law Firm's public interest division to safeguard the right to purchase food directly from farmers without government interference.

Tracy recently published an article titled "Are There Vaccines in our Food Supply?" It is a short 6-minute read, but gives a lot of details about the use of mRNA, RNA, and DNA in our food supply. Read the article HERE. Very concerning at the least.

I do know that the USDA Food Safety Inspection Service (FSIS) is testing for medication residue in beef under their program "Preventive Residue". One of the drugs mentioned they test for is antibiotics - but there are probably more. Our beef has been tested twice and lamb once in the 16 months we have operated our plant. Each time the results were "NO RESIDUE".

Recently, The Lunatic Farmer (Joel Salatin) wrote a blog titled APATHY. At the end he posed the question: why are people so apathetic about the obvious dysfunctional and harmful trends we see?

Frankly, I like reading the comments as much as articles to see how folks respond. Out of 109 comments to his article, the one from Michelle really hit home with me. Let me share it here with you-

Lately, I've been pondering the power of our attention. If we give attention to where "they" want our attention, eg. social media feeds, the "news," advertisements, entertainment, donkey & elephant squabbles, all their "programming" and lies, then we succumb to their feeding us the narrative that makes us feel helpless and apathetic - putting us right where "they" want us. The smart phone is the greatest Trojan horse of modern times.

If you cut that out and give attention wholly to what's in front of you (as you pretty much live out yourself, Mr. Salatin), God will naturally invigorate you to love and defend your family, your land, and your community from threats foreign and domestic (many of those threats sit on the shelves of the local grocery store).

It took God's intervention to break me of my addiction to social media and I'm so grateful to be liberated. With my attention back on my children in real life and my time not squandered, I find that there are real life battles to fight right in front of me every day that I can only win with the help of Jesus Christ. Also, the harder I work my 1-acre plot of land for me and my family, the harder I want to fight for my children to each have their own plot of land to develop and thrive on. Real love for my children's future fuels a real passion to get up and fight, which used to look like overrunning my friends' feeds with political posts and snarky arguments, but now looks more like overcoming the weeds, overturning the compost pile, and overhauling my pantry stock.

We've also found a healthy little community of families in a church that is aware of Satan's devices and we have enjoyed friendships not centered around movies or games or sports, but around helping each other grow in timeless skills and building up our families for spiritual success. You need friends to give you a reality check and keep you motivated to keep your eye and heart on the really important things in life.

So my 2 cents is that apathy is the natural result of allowing technocrats via devices to narrate your existence and inform your worldview. The more time you waste and invest in the fake world they've craftily crafted for you, the more you'll feel like a hopeless waste. Garbage in, garbage out. There's no hope there nor anything worthwhile to look forward to.

For us believers, even in a darkening age, the return of Jesus Christ is the ever brightening light at the end of the tunnel, and He's coming to reward those who continue to walk in faith by Him (Hebrews 11).

What's The Latest With Beef?

Price wise there has been little movement up or down since Spring. Prices tend to slowly drift lower then pop back up near the prior high and the cycle repeats.

As long as the government keeps trying to interfere with nature and dictate human wisdom solutions, the situation will not improve. The dairy industry is a great example. If the cows were on pasture vs. inside the city limits of NYC in a CAFO where they naturally caused disease, attracted rodents, and etc. then maybe folks would enjoy fresh, nutrient-rich raw milk vs. whatever you call that that is labeled as milk today.

Our June business was a bit soft. However, July is very strong. Our Gulf Coast Route today is the largest delivery to date. We are very blessed to have many faithful and supportive customers.

Demand continues to be strong for our half/whole beef. If you are interested in buying some for your family, I have added inventory to our store. We will take orders for first come first served. Price is the same at $5.25 lb. based on the hanging weight. A harvest date has been scheduled with Homestead for July 30th. Cut/Pack will be around August 15th. And, pickup would be August 19th at Homestead packing in Lucedale, MS.

You can place your order from this link. Be sure to read the Ordering Tips and download the cut sheet located near the bottom of the page. Please give me a call if you have any questions. Your paid deposit of $500/half is all that is needed to secure your order.

** Product Availability Update **

NOTE: Restocks are made about 6 PM on the dates indicated below!

Chicken -Restocked June 26th. Next Restock is July 10th
Turkey - Sold Out! New poults arrived, but will be months before ready. Demand popped and I dropped the ball on this one.

Eggs - Restocked each Wednesday. We are well stocked on eggs - especially large at this time.

Beef - Next restock will be July 18th. Half Beef added to store for July30th harvest

Pork - Next restock will be July 10th

Lamb - April 17th lamb did not work out. They were only 50 lb live weight or about half the weight needed for slaughter.

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