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Why Regenerative Farming - Introduction

written by

Ben Simmons

posted on

December 26, 2022

Before the Introduction on Why Regenerative Farming I want to give you a brief update on farm activities this week. First, we cut and packed 7-beef into 2,135 salable packs for a finished weight of 2,744 pounds. That consumed Monday - Wednesday for most of our team. Thursday Beth & I were busy prepping for this major cold front while also finishing up Organ & Bacon Burger. Needless to say, some long days.

Major spikes like this cold front will bring to surface weakness in infrastructure!!! Like pex pipe that freezers and splits or the egg washer drain line that freezes and backs water up onto the floors. Thankfully, nothing major.

Our Pastured Animals are doing very good. Being raised in their natural environment PLUS instinctive behavior prepares them to handle spikes like this with ease. Their resilience is a testament to Regenerative Farm Management.

Last weeks newsletter I mentioned Will Harris who owns White Oak Pastures is also a Regenerative Farmer. In fact, I have visited his farm several times to learn. WOP started as a conventional cattle farm. Will converted to Regenerative about 20 years ago - and has helped pioneer what is Regenerative Farming today.

I found the video where Will discussed the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) completed by Quantis Environmental Engineering on Impossible Burger that found where their carbon footprint emits 3.5 pounds of carbon into the atmosphere (for each pound sold). Will heard about this and paid the same company come to his farm and conduct the same study. The results showed that WOP Regenerative management practices sequestered 3.5 pounds of carbon for every 1-pound of grass fed beef they sold.

WOW! Think about that. All of that carbon sequestered on WOP came through ruminant animals like the COW! We'll take more about that in upcoming newsletters.

While we cannot afford to have a similar study done on our farm we can say our farm should be very similar to WOP results since we follow the same Regenerative management principles. And, our land will only get better each year vs. conventional farming that will require more and more chemical inputs that further degrades the soil.

INTRODUCTION: my objective over the next 5-6 weeks is to discuss "Why Regenerative Farming". This will include 6 * 3 * 4 learned through Dr. Allen Williams and the team at Understanding Ag - 6 Principles of Soil Health * 3 Rules of Adaptive Stewardship * 4 Ecosystem Processes. 

We'll discuss why the current industrial agriculture system is broke and what makes Regenerative Farming better.

There will be a lot on the Cycles of Nature as the key to restoring the land, water, and air.

I will share some thoughts about "Feeding The World" - Industrial vs. Regenerative models.

One newsletter will compare Pasture Based vs. Confined Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO)

And, lastly we'll discuss solutions. 

I'm really excited about sharing these topics with you and hope you will come along with me on this journey.

Have you been looking for premium ALL NATURAL GOODNESS of beef, pork, chicken, and eggs raised on pasture as God intended - with emphasis on Regenerative Principles and NOT conventionally raised animals (with growth hormones, drugs, chemicals, and antibiotics) - and where animals are treated humanely - then you have come to the right farm. Our delivery schedule and product availability is listed below along with order buttons that will take you to our website where you can browse over 90 product choices and place your order from the convenience of your home. It's that simple!

Lastly, Beth and I wish each of you a Merry Christmas. "And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth."  John 1:14

** Product Availability Update **

Chicken - Restocked Wednesday, December 14th. Next harvest date is December 27th with restock the following day

Eggs - Eggs are still tight. New hens arrived September 16th. Still very slow getting started...


Beef - Restocked December 23rd early afternoon. Next harvest is January 3rd with restock about January 24th


Pork - Restocked all the fresh cuts last week. Bacon & hams restocked this week

Lamb - Last harvest date was MONDAY, NOVEMBER 14th. Restocked Friday Nov 25th.

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