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Website Tips & Insights

Thanks for letting us have a few minutes of you day to let you know how our sales & marketing works as well as share some website tips. As a small family farm we wear many hats each day. Beginning is late 2019 we started an email marketing strategy with the objective of building a relationship with potential customers. We start by introducing new customers to Beth & me, our farm and how we care for the land and animals entrusted to us, our farm philosophy, and valued partners that help us along the way. Once a person signs up to our website it triggers an automatic email every week or so over the next ten weeks where we use pictures, videos, and examples from out farm. We even introduce you to how your orders are packed and then take you along on a delivery route. The really neat thing is when customers

Happy 4th of July

In 1976 I raised my right hand and took an Oath of Enlistment in the United States Air Force. I repeated the same Oath several times during my 36 years of military service to our Country. Part of the Oath said "to support and defend the Constitution of The United States of America!" My commitment to this Oath and my Country extends beyond retirement and is a lifetime Oath. I'm also what you would consider "old school" and believe the only way to study history is from reading the original documents, etc. and NOT by reading what other folks opinion of what the originator meant. Have you ever participated in the game called Gossip where person

A "NEW Look At The Farm

Today, I want to take a few minutes to show you our NEW look to the front entrance to our plant. We've been saving our dollars and had enough to add the front awning/porch. Fortunately we ordered the metal back in April before the prices went crazy high. Our vision is to eventually have a look resembling an ole timey country store. The front of the building will one day be either painted or have a wood veneer added.

A Precious Few

Last weeks newsletter about the young couple in North AL who decided to quit farming after 6-years sparked a higher than usual read rate as well as email comments back to me. Kate, a Gulfport customer, had this to say; Pardon me, I hit reply all as we need to build community around our regenerative farmers! I believe the fake meat movement will bring customers running to your farm…. Your delivery service is quite a plus…I hope it brings you joy to meet your customers. I am in for the long haul, but

Another Farmer Decides to Quit!

This week a farmer friend told me about a direct market farm in N. Alabama that has decided to quit! The farm, DSR Farms in Danville started 6-years ago and based on photos from their website and FB were hard workers, doing a lot of the right things, and making a positive difference in their local markets. Initial communication suggested the decision goes back to the 2020 pandemic stress caused by big processors who shut their plants - leaving consumers desperate to find meat. Thursday, they hosted a podcast and listed the following factors as key to their decision: - more money working for someone else (he used to do heavy metal work)

Duh! It's The Production Method...

In the June issue of ACRES USA the editor discusses, a food website, recent announcement they would no longer feature beef recipes. The Epicurious editors explained their new policy this way: "This decision was not made because we hate hamburger. Instead, our shift is soley about sustainability, about not giving airtime to one of the world's worst climate offenders. We think of this decision as not anti-beef but rather pro-planet." Sorry, But that's hogwash! Animals - cattle, chickens, pigs, etc. - aren't inherently the problem. The problem is the cruelty with which many are treating them.

Announcing TWO NEW Beef Products

Last week we cut and packed eight pigs from our farm. Additionally, we cut and packed our first two beef from our farm. During the process we were discussing how families love our premium beef for its versatility. That's why we're offering these two new products you are sure to enjoy.

Three BIG Summer Holidays Coming Up! Are You Ready?

So, Are you ready for the Three BIG Summer Holidays coming up? They are Memorial Day, Father's Day, and Fourth of July. They are among the biggest grilling days of the year. And, your farmer has worked hard to restock beef & pork this week to meet your needs. Please check out the restock details in the Product Update section below.

An Update On The "On-Farm" Slaughter Trailer

As you know, earlier this year we built a carcass aging cooler and fabrication room to process our beef and pork on-farm. What made this possible was when Blue Sky Farms in Jackson decided to purchase a "Mobile Slaughter Trailer". After many delays the company finally delivered the trailer Friday, May 14th. Following our deliveries to the Jackson Metro area last Saturday, Beth and I stopped by to take a look.

What's Behind Increased Meat Prices?

It is a joy to have Beth working with me on the farm. Frankly, we make a great team. ​ With the increased business she has been traveling with me to make our weekly deliveries. Between stops we have time to talk and discuss stuff without interruptions. An added benefit is she sometimes reads informative articles to me like the one from meatingplace magazine that I'll take the details from for today's newsletter. We are already hearing from customers how meat prices in the grocery stores have increased. And, our feed supplier has communicated that it is only a matter of time before he will have to raise our feed prices (used for hens, broilers, and pigs). According to the meatingplace article - Corn prices were $5.3825

Regenerative Farming Described At Nature's Gourmet Farm

So, what is the BIG deal about regenerative farming and how does your farmer define regenerative farming? Regenerative farming holds the key to proper stewardship of the land, water - really the total ecosystem entrusted to those who choose to farm. Only through regenerative farming is carbon in the atmosphere captured by the plants, stored in the soil, and used by soil biology. Let me explain! All plants sequester carbon- even grain commodities like corn and soybeans. However, conventional farming practices of heavy tillage releases all the sequestered carbon back to the atmosphere, negating any benefit.

Picture Updates From Around The Farm

This week I would like to share some pictures from around the farm. The first picture is of an American Bald Eagle who has been visiting us over the past 4 to 5 months. I typically see him about four times per week and usually in the early morning while out feeding the pigs. This particular morning he let me get much closer and I was able to get a good picture of him. Fortunately, he has not bothered any of our chickens.