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Processing Plant Update

First, we appreciate the many folks who have contacted us to see if we were okay from Hurricane Ida. We are fine! The farm had minor downed limbs. The only issue really was the flooding of pastures from the heavy rain. Unfortunately, we lost about 130 broilers that were 3-4 weeks old. We do have many customers in SW Mississippi and in Louisiana that have severe damage. I have had reports of lost of power that may last for two weeks or more. These are the folks we need to keep in our prayers. If you have been following us the past few months you know we built a red meat processing plant where we plan to age

All About Pigs - Including A Delicious Pork Roast Recipe!

In 2016 Joel Salatin published his 10th book titled "The Marvelous Pigness of Pigs: Respecting and Caring for All God's Creation". As I was looking back over our newsletters I realized that I have not mentioned our pigs in quite some time. So, I have decided to remedy that and devote this newsletter to our pigs! The first thing I am reminded of is how smart the pig is and what a survival instinct God gave them. They are by far the smartest animal on our farm. By the way, the chicken is at the opposite end of the intellect from the pig!!! Just saying.

Announcing New Products & Sale Items!

Our email last week about Food Security was among the largest percentage open rate and generated one of our best "Orders Placed" to date. And, best of all only three (3) folks decided to unsubscribe (I expected the number to be much higher). August is typically a slow month for sales as families focus on back to school. However, this year sales are very good. When you read the Product Updates below you will see that we are well stocked for the fall. So glad to have our new freezer!!! NEW ITEMS: we have just added a couple of new items to our website

Food Security

Before our discussion regarding "Food Security" I would like to have a quick follow-up to last weeks email "Building Community" around your favorite recipes using Nature's Gourmet Farm products. We had several replies to include: Stephanie wrote - "Y'all never cease to amaze me. I learn so much from your emails". Shelley wrote - "I love this! Ok, my Summertime favorite way to cook your chicken can be found at this link . Later this week she wrote:

Building Community Around Our Farm

This week I want to share some improvements we have made recently with our pastured chicken production. But, first a bit of background to catch up new customers who may not know our story here. I'm sure most of you have hear of Joel Salatin of Polyface Farms in VA. In addition to being one of the foremost spokesmen for small family farms he has written many books to help & inspire beginning farmers. Well, one of those books is titled "Pastured Poultry Profits". After reading this and several other books by Joel, Beth and I decided to visit his farm during one of his every other year gatherings - we were two of two thousand paying ($100 each) guest. This was July 2011. By the Spring of 2012 we were in the pastured chicken business!

How (and Why) We Work Our Cows!

We are often asked about what we give our cows in the way of drugs, etc. Once a year we schedule our Vet to visit our farm to work our Cows and their same year calves. And, Thursday was our annual day! We start by finding a time on our schedule as well as our youngest son Jared's to schedule the Vet.

Tidbits From Around The Farm

So, this is our off weekend - meaning we aren't on the road making deliveries. Once a quarter (July) we have TWO weekends off. This gives us time to catch up on stuff around the farm. Today, Tess, our Belgian Malinois will have her vet visit. While she likes a lot of attention, she gets very nervous at the vet's office. Folks have asked how all this rain has affected our farm? Well, the pigs think it is great! The cows are over it and ready for some sunshine! And, it has been the hardest on the broiler meat chickens. Regarding the pastures it has been a mixed blessing. Grasses certainly need rain to grow. However,

"Get Big or Get Out"!

"Get Big or Get Out" is a quote from then Sec. of Agriculture Butz in the mid 1970's. In 1974 the MS Ag. Commissioner encouraged cattleman with his slogan "A million more in '74"! And when you challenge farmers to do something they work hard to get it done. The sad result was devastating and ruined many a family farm when the market collapsed. Unfortunately, Sec. Butz' mindset has carried on and continues to be spoken by many in agriculture especially the government side.

Website Tips & Insights

Thanks for letting us have a few minutes of you day to let you know how our sales & marketing works as well as share some website tips. As a small family farm we wear many hats each day. Beginning is late 2019 we started an email marketing strategy with the objective of building a relationship with potential customers. We start by introducing new customers to Beth & me, our farm and how we care for the land and animals entrusted to us, our farm philosophy, and valued partners that help us along the way. Once a person signs up to our website it triggers an automatic email every week or so over the next ten weeks where we use pictures, videos, and examples from out farm. We even introduce you to how your orders are packed and then take you along on a delivery route. The really neat thing is when customers

Happy 4th of July

In 1976 I raised my right hand and took an Oath of Enlistment in the United States Air Force. I repeated the same Oath several times during my 36 years of military service to our Country. Part of the Oath said "to support and defend the Constitution of The United States of America!" My commitment to this Oath and my Country extends beyond retirement and is a lifetime Oath. I'm also what you would consider "old school" and believe the only way to study history is from reading the original documents, etc. and NOT by reading what other folks opinion of what the originator meant. Have you ever participated in the game called Gossip where person

A "NEW Look At The Farm

Today, I want to take a few minutes to show you our NEW look to the front entrance to our plant. We've been saving our dollars and had enough to add the front awning/porch. Fortunately we ordered the metal back in April before the prices went crazy high. Our vision is to eventually have a look resembling an ole timey country store. The front of the building will one day be either painted or have a wood veneer added.

A Precious Few

Last weeks newsletter about the young couple in North AL who decided to quit farming after 6-years sparked a higher than usual read rate as well as email comments back to me. Kate, a Gulfport customer, had this to say; Pardon me, I hit reply all as we need to build community around our regenerative farmers! I believe the fake meat movement will bring customers running to your farm…. Your delivery service is quite a plus…I hope it brings you joy to meet your customers. I am in for the long haul, but