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Farm Update & How To Cook A Really Good Roast

Last weeks "frank" Newsletter received a lot of positive reply's and was the most read Newsletter yet with 74.31% Open Rate, 9.7% Click Rate, and ZERO Unsubscribes. What a privilege to be a blessing to so many people by providing access to nutritious farm fresh food and a reassuring spirit. Since March 1st we have had 107 new customers sign up and 27 First Time Buyers. Our number of orders have been over 210. That being said, i want to apologize in advance for being slow answering emails, text, and phone calls. While I have not tried to keep up with the increase of communication I can truthfully say the numbers have at least doubled.

Farm Update Amid Covid-19 Virus

Last week we purposely wrote an upbeat newsletter! This week will be a bit more "frank" considering the public response to the Covid-19 virus. As you can imagine, orders have been brisk. Steps we are taking include: • Yes, we intend to continue to make our monthly deliveries • We continue to work every day to care for the land, forage, and animals to bring nutritious protein for your families • Chicken - I have contacted the hatchery and had them add 20 more to each of my upcoming deliveries. That maximizes processing capacity.

It's Springtime At The Farm

Spring has arrived at the farm! About seven to ten days ago Mother Nature started signaling Spring would be early this year. Our hardwood trees (except pecan) have almost fully leafed out, the wildflowers in the pasture are in bloom, the days are getting longer, pastures are drying up, and the humidity is lower. And it is calving season!

Anniversary On The Road

Today is delivery day for our Mobile, Ocean Springs, and Gulfport customers! So, I am out on the road this morning meeting customers with their orders. Beth has joined me today as well. One of the objectives we have is to make a short video of how we pack orders, make deliveries, and etc. to show new customers what to expect. Yep- complete transparency when you shop with our farm for beef, pork, chicken, and eggs.

Family & Friends FREE Dozen Egg Offer

Hello and Good Morning from the farm, I'm sure you know the best business advertising comes from recommendations by happy customers. You know, customers who have tried the product and brag about the quality, service, convenience, and etc. After all, don't we tend to trust recommendations from others, especially from family or friends who highly recommend a product?

Life Is About Getting It Right

Sunday, January 5th I was sitting in church listening to Brother Andrews’ sermon. Just the day before I had the opportunity to meet many new customers in Mobile, Ocean Springs, and Gulfport while making deliveries there for the first time. When meeting customers they often share how they know they need to eat healthier. For many the motivation is to loose weight. For some it's to reduce the risk of serious disease caused by all the toxins used to grow food.

Delivery Charge Notice (can still be free)

Today is my day of the month to make the rounds in and around Jackson to greet customers with pasture-raised meats from our farm. As you likely know, earlier this year we committed to making monthly, regular stops at more than a dozen locations around Mobile, Gulfport, Picayune, Jackson, Hattiesburg and more communities. It's been well-received and customers appreciate the opportunity to see us on a regular schedule to get into the routine of restocking a variety of pasture-raised beef, chicken, pork and eggs.

My First Pastured Poultry Conference

Good morning from the farm, For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Eric, Ben and Beth’s oldest son. Recently I started working on the farm full-time taking care of our laying hens. A few weeks ago Mom and I had the opportunity to attend the 4th annual American Pastured Poultry Producers Association (APPPA) Conference in Florida.

Let's Go Shopping

Good morning from the farm. More and more folks are shopping directly from local farms (or at least investigating the options). In January we had 59 new customers join our farm and 24 customers made their FIRST purchase. Both are new record highs! However, as we speak with customers, many are confused (and alarmed) about what some farms consider grassfed beef. Today, I hope to provide you with questions to sort out the details and help with key decision points that will help you become a savvy shopper of farm fresh beef, pork, chicken, and eggs. First, what is grassfed beef?

Why We Created "Best Of Farm Bundle"

Yesterday we introduced a new discount bundle featuring many of our farm favorites foods called the Best of Farm Bundle. Today I want to share WHY we put this together for you. First, regardless of whether someone is considering becoming a Nature's Gourmet Farm customer for the first time, or already a long-term, loyal customer, we wanted to offer some extra savings on these staple items that can be bought and replenished at any time. Truth be told, it's also simpler for us to package these items together, so we wanted to pass savings on to you, too.

A Winter Farm Update in Pictures (And Big News)

Good morning from the farm. Today I'm making the rounds in and around Jackson at our 4 pickup stops in the area, but FIRST I wanted to share some exciting news and give you a winter farm update. First the news... Next Friday morning at 8am CST, you're going to want to plan to check your email for a special opportunity. Nature's Gourmet Farm will be unveiling a new product I'm really excited about, and we're going to be offering special introductory pricing Friday the 24th through Monday, Jan. 27th (or while supplies last). I'm putting the finishing touches on some important details, but just know

UnScrambling Egg Labeling Claims

Hello from our farm, If you’ve been to the egg counter in your local grocer lately you have seen all the different egg carton claims. Maybe you wondered what they mean? Today I want to briefly help you make sense of these claims by describing what the actual production definition is. First, what is driving all these claims in the first place? Well, the demand for pasture raised eggs is skyrocketing and affecting commercial egg producers. So, like many other products, commercial producers start working through their lobbyist to come up with claims that sound good, but still allows them to commercially raise the eggs as quickly and cheap as possible. PROBLEM – commercial producers do not take into consideration the natural instincts of the hen. The most popular claims are….