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You Should Not Have to Wonder if Your Food is Safe!

You Should Not Have to Wonder if Your Food is Safe! - Weekly I receive notices of product recalls from the USDA. Here is the latest report I received December 5th - JBS Tolleson, Inc., a Tolleson, Ariz. establishment, is recalling approximately 12,093,271 pounds of non-intact raw beef products that may be contaminated with Salmonella Newport. Dr. Mercola explains Why Contamination Affects Such Large Amounts of Meat - "The answer is quite simple. While many think of a pack of ground beef as

Poultry Update & New Product Announced

Poultry Update - The meeting did happen this week! Not much to report other than we have progress but, there is work yet to be done! Mark Leggett (pictured above) is obviously a greedy man! He is the president of the MS Poultry Assn. and the lead opponent against changing the poultry regulations in MS to equal the Federal Exemption of 20,000 per year. He mostly represents poultry processors

Around The Farm Happenings

Poultry Update - We patiently await the Commissioner's decision on regulation change for pastured poultry. For the past several years we have worked with Senator's Hudson & Hill to change the regulation to be in line with the Federal Exemption vs. 1000 per year. Following our last time to testify before the Senate Ag Committee, Commissioner Gipson communicated he thought the state agriculture department needed to change department regulations vs. a new state law. He asked for time to study the situation. (see Commissioner Gipson's visit to NGF June 2018 above)

A Thanksgiving Treat

A Thanksgiving Treat! - Cotton Blues has been buying our eggs since we added the hens to our farm and using them in their baking enterprise. I really like lemon pie!!! Last year we bought one of their lemon pies to share at our Thanksgiving meal. This pie is "The Best" lemon pie ever.

Dirt to Soil

Dirt to Soil - is Gabe Brown's first book that was just released in October 2018. I first meet Gabe at his ranch in North Dakota in 2013 during a Grassfed Exchange Conference. It is truly amazing what he has accomplished using his 5-keys to soil health - especially when you consider he has 232 days below freezing and the average annual rainfall is only 16 inches. We have been practicing these 5-steps on our farm for at least 4 years. For the first three years or so it was hard to tell if this was working for us. However, our soils this year are really starting to so improvement in nutrient & water cycling.

Around The Farm Updates

Porterhouse Steaks - The origin of the porterhouse steak could have come from Manhattan's Pearl Street around 1814 where the owner of a particular porterhouse, Martin Morrison, started serving large T-bones. ...

Ask The Pig

What is GMO feed and does it matter? Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are living organisms whose genetic material has been artificially manipulated in a laboratory through genetic engineering. This relatively new science creates unstable combinations of plant, animal, bacteria and viral genes that do not occur in nature or through traditional crossbreeding methods. Almost all commercial GMOs are engineered

Ask Your Farmer

Ask Your Farmer - Numerous folks have asked Beth & me about the upcoming election to fill Thad Cochran's seat since one of the candidates is the former Ag Commissioner. This is an important election. If you are interested in our thoughts from a farmer perspective simply send us an email and we will reply.

Around The Farm Updates

We have started using Homestead Farm & Packaging in Lucedale, MS to process our beef. This change was precipitated because of issues at Attala with meat inspectors over facility concerns which caused us not to be able to get our beef there for processing. Thus, you will start seeing different labels as we rotate through inventory. After having the first 6-beef processed we are very pleased with Homestead's quality. I am sure you will be as well.

Fall Is In The Air - Finally

It sure has been a long hot summer that has extended into Fall. However, in the last few days the evenings and early morning have shown a hint of cooler weather. October is typically a transition month where the temperature cools down and the air is much dryer.

Welcome NEW Employee & Baby Pigs

Farm Update - After completing deliveries Wednesday I spent Thursday & Friday prepping to start planting cool season forages. I typically start Labor Day but, it has been to wet and hot. Today I spent all day planting. It will take about 12 total days spread out over the next 6-8 weeks.

Farm & product Updates

This is the second batch processed in our new facility. Our new vacuum sealer works outstanding and provides a much better seal than the shrink bags did. In the photo above you can see Beth's dad who removes the head, feet, and oil sack. Beth's mom & Kellie remove the insides (our son Eric also helps and replaces Kellie when she can't come) and Beth washes & QC's. Interesting Statistic- the USDA projects per capita consumption in the USA for chicken, beef, and pork in 2018 will be: Chicken 91.9#, Beef 58.1#, and Pork 51.9#.